The key to healthy relationships

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I believe when we hear or see the word relationship, we automatically imagine two people who are in a relationship and the way they interact and speak with each other. About their feelings, fears, tears, worries, doubts, limits, dreams, weaknesses and powers. Well, I strongly think we can achieve a healthy level of communication and relationship with others only when we understand that we need to establish a good, balanced and harmonious relationship with ourselves first.

There are so many aspects about our character that can influence our relationship with others no matter who the other person is. It could be our mother, father, partner, husband, wife or anyone really. The point is if we do not, first of all,try and understand why in certain situations we lose our stability and behave in an unproductive way and as a result going against our own interest, then of course we will not succeed in having a proper and a stable relationship with anyone else.

We must understand the importance of knowing that we exist. It is essential to have a sincere and honest contact with ourselves. There is no harm in questioning our behavior and allowing those questions to be answered. We need to have an identity and to remember that as human beings we are entitled to make mistakes and from which we should learn in order to then add the experience to our PERSONAL MANUAL OF INFORMATION and finally assuming amature behavior.

We must sometimes confront ourselves with our inner part. This is simply because it will allow us to be free from any boundaries or rulesthat limit us from being ourselves and pretending to be someone else. Often we are intimidated by our emotions and how we might react if we were to dig deep into our hearts and souls, discovering incidents and aspects about our childhood that are almost always very difficult and frightening to face or deal with.

Well, sooner or later we should understand the importance of our past, our upbringing, our parents, our education and the environment in which we were raised. Unless we are aware of all this but we are just too lazy or not determined enough to want to do something substantial and would like to fool ourselves in thinking that a good relationship exists when the OTHER person knows how to respect us.


Focusing on loving and respecting ourselves first, we are then prepared and conscious of how to love and respect others.

SussanMy name is SUSSAN and I am a Professor and Translator in English and Farsi (Iranian). I grew up and completed my studies in Cambridge, England. I have been teaching English since 1983. During all these years I have come across so many different people of all ages, wanting or needing to study English for various reasons. Either to pass an examination in IELTS, Proficiency, Toefl, First Certificate, Trinity, Ket, Pet or planning to go on a trip abroad or simply wanting to get a good result at school or university. Per saperne di più (clicca qui)


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