Sussan Sharifi

SussanMy name is SUSSAN and I am a Professor and Translator in English and Farsi (Iranian).
I grew up and completed my studies in Cambridge, England.

I have been teaching English since 1983. During all these years I have come across so many different people of all ages, wanting or needing to study English for various reasons. Either to pass an examination in IELTS, Proficiency, Toefl, First Certificate, Trinity, Ket, Pet or planning to go on a trip abroad or simply wanting to get a good result at school or university. This vast experience has mainly helped me to come to the conclusion that the majority of my students did not have a positive experience at school with the English language. In most cases it is not because students do not have the capacity in learning. It is only necessary to invite them to do more conversation in English, in order to experience using the language in all its forms.

Students need to practice their speaking, reading, listening and writing even though they could be timid in making mistakes, it does not matter. The important point is to overcome their obstacles by using what they already know and to interact regularly to increase their knowledge in English. This would be the only way to improve their grammar.

I have always been encouraging my students to take the time to read. We all differ from oneanother in our needs, when it comes to learning a language, and how we go about them but reading is definitely a valid technique in improving our speaking and comprehending English.

Reading allows us to increase our vocabulary, the level of our grammar andsubstantially the capacity in how to make or define asentence in English.

Reading is exactly what I would like to invite each one of you, to at leasttry and do. I will be writing short, simple, and easy articles on a specific topic, which will help you to understand the English language better. At the same time you would have an article written about something that we could have a debate on andalso for me to know what you think and eventually to discussyour comments together.

The articles will contain sentences written for readers who will then feel at ease to use the same method or expression when speaking with others.